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Farm Foods USA is a privately-owned wholesale food manufacturing business specialising in flexitarian food production and plant-based food production.Farm Foods - Wholesale Food Manufacturers USA - White label Flexitarian and Plant-based food producers

Leading food manufacturers of plant-based, flexitarian and alternative protein products

Farm Foods USA Inc  – Wholesale Food Manufacturing USA

About Farm Foods USA

Farm Foods USA Inc is a privately-owned food manufacturing business specialising in alternative proteins and healthy choice products. Having been involved in agribusiness and food production for over fifty years with its parent company in Australia, Farm Foods USA Inc has recently acquired marketing and sales offices in the United States with onshore production.

Farm Foods USA Inc prides itself on being a nimble, progressive business that is at the forefront of consumer trends and the latest product innovation.  We have a range of plant-based and flexitarian products in response to growing consumer demand and continue to innovate in this space.

As a business we take great pride in our work and continually strive for excellence in everything we do. We are passionate about delivering services to our customers at the highest standard and are dedicated to upholding our company values.


QUALITY: What we do, we do well
We expect quality from our team, our suppliers and only through producing quality products will our customers and consumers see value in our offer.

TEAM: We are both a family and a team
We accept and embrace responsibility and accountability on all levels. We are honest, trusting and respect each other.

INNOVATION: We value craftmanship, new ideas are encouraged, we desire to be bold
New ideas are encouraged, we desire to be bold with flavours, textures, nutrition, styles and taste. We act with spirit, passion and ambition.

PASSION: We value being a good company to work with and for 
We have strong agricultural roots and are proud of our Australian heritage, we have courage to be our best and do the right thing.

CUSTOMERS: We have a commitment to our customers 
We are genuinely interested in meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We understand, we listen and we follow through.

ADAPTABILITY: We like to move fast and work as a team to embrace challenges 
We value leadership, and collaborate when uncertainty appears or challenges us, approaching situations with an open mind.